WCSD Educators: Find a Partner in Education

Partners in Education PiE is the Education Alliance’s flagship program. There are more than 150 current success stories confirming the effectiveness of business/industry working with schools and educators to raise the quality of education in our community. Our dynamic Partners include private sector businesses, civic organizations, government agencies, higher education institutions, and other non-profit organizations, all leveraging their resources to support education in our region. We invite you to join them and make a difference!

Ways to Support your Partner!

There are many ways to support and recognize your Partner in Education! This list includes ideas for you to get started in showing appreciation for your partner — be creative and have fun!

  • Put a banner or sign in the school cafeteria or multi-purpose room.
  • Send pictures of students enjoying the support provided by your partner.
  • Write an article to promote your partner in the school newsletter.
  • Have students write thank-you notes for support received.
  • Invite your partner to all school events, such as Back to School, fund-raising events, assemblies, learning nights, music or theatrical performances, athletic events.
  • Provide a link to your partner’s website on the school webpage.
  • Print and send a school calendar of events to your partner and invite them to every school event and performance.
  • Put information about your partners’ business/organization on a school bulletin board.
  • Have students make artwork to display at your partners’ business/organization.
  • Introduce your partner at a staff meeting.
  • Have school musical groups perform for your partner at their business/organization.
  • Include your partner in parent group meetings and activities.
  • Invite your partner to serve on a school committee, site council, or hiring committee.
  • Shop at your partner’s business.
  • Recognize your partner’s support at school assemblies.
  • Give your partner a school tour.
  • Invite your partner to judge Science Fairs or other school competitions.
  • Have your partner job shadow a teacher for a day, sit in or speak at a faculty meeting.
  • Update your partner on academic and testing results.
  • Share school successes with your partner.
  • Invite your partner to share information with you on their business practices or speak to a classroom about their industry or field.
  • Ask your partner how they would like to be recognized.
  • Nominate your Partner in Education as a PiE Champion (email EducationAlliance@washoeschools.net for details)!

(Note: business solicitation only permitted at the discretion of the principal.)

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Education Alliance at

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