In 1994, Partners in Education, Inc., which began in 1988, merged with the Washoe K-16 Council. These two organizations operated in Washoe County since the early 1980’s.

This merger was completed in order to enable the two organizations to work smarter and more efficiently by reducing duplication of services and programs, creating higher level cooperation and communication among the educational entities in our community and allowing the organization to look at partnerships from a systems viewpoint incorporating not just the K-12 system but those of the university and community college as well. The newly formed organization was called the Education Collaborative of Washoe County, Inc.

In December 2008, Education Collaborative of Washoe County, Inc., and the Washoe Education Foundation merged to better serve the students and families of WCSD. The new organization, the Education Alliance of Washoe County, Inc., operates as a single 501(c)3 charitable organization. The goal of the merger was to streamline programming, increase efficiencies, and develop opportunities for business and community to impact our local education system.

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