Sponsor the Run for Education

Why sponsor the Run for Education?

To demonstrate your support for education in our community! Let your target market, families, community, business leaders, K-12, and higher education know you believe education is vital to the community.

  • Elementary Schools have limited, if any, funds in their budgets for physical education (PE) or fitness activities.
  • Proceeds fund the Kids in Motion Program for participating elementary schools with at least 20 registered student runners.
  • Research supports that not only does exercise fight obesity and improve body function, but it also promotes learning through increased brain function and nourishment, higher energy and concentration levels (ability to pay attention), increased self-esteem and better behavior which may all support cognitive learning.
  • The Run for Education connects families to schools, and bonds school mates as teammates which unify them through the development of new friendships and the promotion of important life lessons such as practice, patience and persistence.

Thank you 2019 Run for Education Sponsors!

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