Kids in Motion Program

Sincere thanks to our Kids in Motion Program grant donors!

The KIDS IN MOTION program provides funding to elementary schools for physical education and nutrition initiatives. Many years ago, the Washoe County School District made difficult decisions in the allocation of funds. One of the many casualties during this process was to cut 100% of the funding for physical education, sports programs, and nutrition activities within WCSD elementary schools. Education Alliance realizes the importance for these high energy K-6th grade students to have an outlet to expend their energy so they can focus in the classroom. From this imperative need, the Kids in Motion Program (KIM) was created.

Kids in Motion helps students participate in a variety of sports and athletic programs, giving them access to consistent physical education at their schools, and resources for sports fields and new equipment so teachers can provide meaningful physical education activities for students. Activities that promote healthy nutrition and the importance of eating healthy and being active every day are supported by the KIM Program as well.

The primary sources of funding for the KIM program are sponsorship of the Run for Education, donations, and restricted grants. Please consider supporting student wellness! To donate, click here.

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