P-16 Advocacy Council

The P-16 Advocacy Council is made up of members from community, business, education, and government sectors to evaluate WCSD data and the efficacy of new and ongoing projects relevant to educational outcomes from the pre-school through college levels. The Council monitors national trends and best practices, and proposes initiatives for application in WCSD and Nevada. Its recommendations are advisory to the Education Alliance Board and its’ publicly disseminated products and external projects are subject to approval by the Board.

The purpose of the P-16 Advocacy Council is to advocate for a seamless education system that helps all students successfully achieve their career and life goals. The Council focuses on five specific areas and we encourage you to join one or more of the following task groups to help students succeed:

1. College and Career Readiness/Competitiveness – Identification of K-12 pipelines for strengthening a competitive college and career culture within schools.

2. Higher Education – Defining best practices/outcomes for higher education such as dual credit program expansion; general education review; admission standards; co-admission programs; and retention and completion.

3. Computer Education – Reviewing the existing 60-hour “Computer Literacy” course offered in WCSD high schools and possible redesign to meet state standards in computer technology and financial literacy while also exposing students to college/career opportunities, funding mechanisms, basic business and marketing skills, and beginning computer science/coding.

4. Data Profile – An annual collection and presentation of data about WCSD high school students and the continuation of those graduates into UNR and TMCC.

5. Early Childhood Education – Defining best practices/outcomes for Pre-K Full-day programs for low-income families.

Products of the P-16 Advocacy Council include:

We invite you to join in the conversation — click here for our P-16 Advocacy Council Meeting Dates 2016-2017.

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