Our Approach

The Education Alliance bridges the private sector and community with P-16 education (Pre-Kindergarten through college graduation) in Washoe County. We accomplish this by establishing effective partnerships between business and community organizations and specific schools or programs. As a community, we firmly believe each of us has an invested interest and shared responsibility to ensure our students have the skills necessary to successfully compete in our ever-evolving economy. The impact from partnerships is significant, bringing necessary resources and expertise to the learning environment and helping create relevant pathways for our student population.

Investing in Knowledge

The core of Education Alliance’s mission is to enhance the college and career readiness culture for students of the Washoe County School District. Each and every conversation we have with our community partners and school principals centers around: “How will the proposed activity benefit students?” and, “Is this a mutually beneficial opportunity for all interested parties?”

We cultivate relationships based on alignment of common objectives and provide a range of opportunities for involvement. Business is keenly interested in a talented workforce that has depth. Education is interested in providing an engaged and skilled graduate. Together, we have alignment of goals and the Education Alliance nourishes partnerships toward this purpose.

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