Desert Research Institute (DRI) Science Alive (5th)

In-class science boxes for teachers to use in the classroom.
  • Includes 2 weeks’ worth of STEM lesson plans and materials to help teachers build towards NGSS standards, delivered to schools
    • Developed per grade level
    • Includes all materials
    • Reservation dates:
        • Q1: August 12-September 27, 2019
        • Registration opens on Thursday, August 1 @ 4pm
  • Cost: Free
        • Soil Science
          • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)• 5-LS1 • 5-PS1 • 5-LS2 • 5-ESS2
          • The Soil Science curriculum for grades K-5 is the precursor to the Soil Science (Grades 6-12) unit. This curriculum focuses on the properties of soil and its role in our everyday lives. Students participate in various activities that help define what soil is, identify its structure and function, and explain the role worms play in soil formation.
        • Water Resources and Conservation
          • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) • 5-ESS2 • 3-5-ETS1 • 5-ESS3 • 5-LS1
          • The Water Resources and Conservation curriculum focuses on the importance of water and possible methods of conservation. Students look at both small and large scale impacts of water use and learn about how their everyday choices can either waste or conserve water.
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