Desert Research Institute (DRI) Science Alive (3rd – 4th)

In-class science boxes for teachers to use in the classroom.
  • Includes 2 weeks’ worth of STEM lesson plans and materials to help teachers build towards NGSS standards, delivered to schools
    • Developed per grade level
    • Includes all materials
    • Reservation dates:
        • Q1: August 12-September 27, 2019
        • Registration opens on Thursday, August 1 @ 4pm
  • Cost: Free
        • Food, Water, Shelter, Space
          • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): 3-ESS2 • 3-LS4 • 4-LS1 • 4-ESS2 • 5-ESS3
          • The Food, Water, Shelter, Space unit examines the various elements that constitute a community and how local and national features can be influential. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their own community through various mapping activities.
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