Healing through Health

Education Alliance announces the Healing through Health initiative supporting students in response to the universally shared experience of the past year and a half which has taken a toll on their physical, nutritional, and mental health. Research shows a healthy mind-body connection impacts children’s ability to pay attention, attend, behave, and focus in class. Please help WCSD students heal with healthy hearts, minds, and bodies so they are ready to learn!

WCSD Parent Tiffani Allison speaks about how her second-grader was impacted last year, how school staff helped him manage challenges, and how the community can help.
WCSD Counseling Coordinator Katherine Loudon speaks to the importance of supporting children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.
WCSD Activities & Athletics Coordinator Rollins Stallworth speaks to the importance of physical activity and how it impacts children’s mental health and academic performance.
Hunter Lake Elementary School Principal Amanda McWilliams shares what difficulties and impacts she has seen in her students during the pandemic, and how we can help them persevere and learn.
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